Filko Supa Slurpa – PVA Absorption Block

$28.00 + P&H

It has been around for a long time and is well known for its amazing ability to absorb 10 times its own weight in liquid.

Supa Slurpa is useful in all areas where spills happen or when liquid needs to be picked up.

Supa Slurpa can be used for drying up party spills or accidental puddles from pups or young children. It can be used to quick dry clothes, removing condensation or when defrosting the fridge.

Trapped water in boats, the shower or laundry overflows etc can be quickly and easily removed.

The new and improved Supa Slurpa holds 50% more liquid without dripping.

When used on carpet spills, draw out the initial spill by placing the Supa Slurpa onto the spill. Allow it to soak up the liquid using slight pumping action. Squeeze the liquid out, then to dilute or remove a stain, pour clean water over the spill and continue to draw this out till the stain or odour is removed.

To finish and dry, gently press Supa Slurpa onto the area to remove the remaining moisture.

Supa Slurpa excels in removing trapped water from showers in a caravan or motorhome as the water generally sits in a corner and needs to be soaked up. Supa slurpa is your saviour in these situations.

Water and condensation is easily removed from surfaces without dripping, leaving either canvas or gloss surfaces like on cars with a streak free surface.

Supa Slurpa can be used to help remove stubborn or old stains.

Storage: Keep moist in the original container.

Maintenance: Rinse thoroughly after each use and periodically machine wash.

Note: Always work Supa Slurpa in one direction and squeeze out liquid, do not wring.