Filko Cleaning Products

Filko Cleaning Products are the leading provider of caravan and boating consumer cleaning products. Our specially manufactured cleaning implements and accessories are designed to assist you to complete all kinds of cleaning tasks with the minimum of effort. We pride ourselves in offering a tried and tested product that out preforms both in practical application and reliability.

Filko Cleaning Products are designed to overcome the differing issues experienced by RV owners. 

Filko provides cleaning tools for a wide number of applications and industries including Caravans, Awnings, Solar Panels, Machinery, Windows, Houses, Walls, Concave and Convex surfaces, Windscreens, Skylights, and Vehicles.

The wide range of uses for Filko products means that it can be used multiple times to complete a number of jobs rather than just ‘one use’ products.


Why choose Filko Cleaning Products?

Protect your Investment

Filko Cleaning Products take pride in designing and testing their products in the real world on caravans, boats, cars and many other surfaces to make sure they are reliable and durable and most important, that they are effective.

We test all of our products to a very high standard ensuring longevity and practicality of use. A key example of this is the ‘Interchangeable cleaning heads’ designed and produced by Filko Cleaning Products. This set is designed to give you as many interchangeable heads for one single handle so that you don’t have to worry about fittings and continuously buying items in stores that you don’t need. ‘Why not check it out’

Overview of Product Range

If you have recently purchased an RV, caravan or boat, congratulations and welcome to the world of recreation and travelling lifestyle. No doubt by now you have realised recreational vehicles like caravans and motorhomes are normally larger and come in many shapes and are built from different materials and therefore require a little more effort and specialist products to help maintain them. Most of all to travel safely and retain the value of your investment.

Filko cleaning products has specially designed cleaning products for caravan and RV users whether they are used regularly, periodically or for short or long trips. The considerations that have been taken into account are:

  • Limited Space 

    Filko Cleaning Products are compact and take up minimal space. The cleaning solutions are concentrated and come in smaller containers. 

  • Weight 

    Filko Cleaning Products are light and as the cleaning solutions are concentrated you are are not carrying excess fillers (water). 

  • Good Value 

    Purchasing direct from the company saves money and buying concentrate offers better value. 

  • Versatility & Multi Purpose 

    Many Filko Cleaning Products have multiple uses. 

  • Accessibility to Tight Spots in Restricted Areas 

    You will find a Filko cleaning product to suit every job. 

  • Effective 

    Filko Cleaning Products make your cleaning easier. 

  • Suitability to Clean Specific Surfaces 

    Filko Cleaning Products keep your vehicle clean and looking new without damaging the sensitive surfaces. 

  • What is to be cleaned off? 

    Filko Cleaning Products have a solution for every cleaning problem. 

Filko Cleaning Products make light work of any difficult task you may need to perform. Our products have been used in many industries and for many practical applications. They are great for windows, boats and machinery where cleaning can sometimes be hard and uneven surfaces can cause issues. It is for this reason that Filko Cleaning Products selection of cleaning products have extendable attachments and come with other handy additions. Check out our store for more details

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