Q. Can I use a pressure washer on my RV?

A. It is important to read your warrantee as some will void the warrantee if they are used to clean the vehicle.

Q. Why should I use specialised products?

A. Some cleaning products are designed for surfaces which have a higher resistance to corrosive cleaning agents or scratching, therefore it is important to use the correct product for the type of surface to be maintained.

Q. Why do I have to add water to my product?

A. The majority of cleaning products contain the cleaning agent and then to make it usable they add water. Depending on how much profit they wish to make can determine how much water they add. Filko Cleaning solutions are concentrated to reduce the bottle size and the amount of solution you need to carry. When you need to use the agent you only need to add a small amount to you water so the solution lasts longer and this saves money in the long term.

Q. Why do I have to order over the internet?

A. Filko deals direct with the public therefore reducing the number of margins which must be added at every level of contact. This gives better value to you, the customer.

Q. Where are your Filko products sold?

A. Filko Products are available from shows, field days and specific Caravan and Camping and Boating events or if you want to order immediately it can be done over the internet and delivered directly to you.

Q. What other products do you plan on selling?

A. Filko is continually developing the range of cleaning products to suit our customers. You will see many upgrades and inclusions as our industry grows and more products are needed.

Q. How do I know which product to use?
  1. You can simply press on the vehicle you wish to clean or maintain and a list of suitable products will pop up for you to choose from.

You may also contact us if you have a specific issue for some advice.

Q. Will you send my order outside Australia?

A. At this point our focus is within Australia however this may change in the future.