Filko Stay Put Pad (Twin Pack)

$25.00 + P&H

Stay Put is a very simple premium product with many uses.

Stay Put is made from a type of high-quality silicon which, even though it feels sticky, it leaves no residue on either the surface it is placed on or the item which is held on the pad.

Directions: Lay the Stay Put Pad on a clean surface. Like magic the pad will grip to that surface and when you place an item with a clean, gloss surface on the pad, it will Stay Put!

You will find many uses for a Stay Put Pad.

In the car Stay Put can be used on the dash of a car to hold items such as phone, notebooks, sunglasses, keys or passes.

In the Caravan, Motorhome, Boat or Camper it excels.

Normally before setting off, all loose items are stowed then returned to their normal position upon arrival.

Whether it is your favourite plant, a bowl of fruit or a container holding dish washing liquid or toothbrushes.

Using Stay Put you can leave these items in place saving time on every arrival and departure.

Around the home you can use stay put for remote controls, keys, pet bowls etc. Stay Put can be used on mirrors, windows, benches or tables, in the bathroom, kitchen or lounge or in fact anywhere that you want something to Stay Put

When Stay Put begins to lose its grip, wash with mild soapy water, allow to dry, replace it and Stay Put’s powerful grip will be restored.

Stay Put works best on a horizontal to 45° surface.

The flatter and more surface area in contact with the Stay Put Pad, the better the adhering ability. (Note silicon will not stick to silicon and items with flat, high gloss, non porous surfaces are held better than items with rims or feet etc.)