Yellow Water Flow Brush with handle

$65.00 + P&H


Brush with water flow option 

Strong 2 stage handle extends from 1m up to 1.65m 

The head contains finer fibres which are very compact to give strength and softness making this brush suitable for all types of RV’s and large vehicles 

The fibres cover both ends of the brush head allowing you to safely get right into corners

Convenient, faster and easier cleaning 

Cushioned Grips insulates and adds extra comfort for user 

Convenient on/off tap 

Suitable for all types of recreational vehicles including Caravans, Motorhomes and Boats 

These brushes can also be used for cleaning Solar Panels, Industrial and Domestic Windows, Awnings and House Cladding 

Use either connected to a hose or use as a dip n wash from a bucket 

Recommended  Care. 

Not to be used in hot water and do not use excessive force on the handle.  

After use, rinse thoroughly, shake out excess water and store with fiber in the air. 

Use the supplied reusable cable tie to support the hose when using the water flow option 

(Not for use on poly carbonite windows or highly sensitive surfaces)

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