Filko Moppet with 1.24m Extendable Handle

$30.00 + P&H


The moppet can be used wet or dry, inside or outside, extended or collapsed 

The handle extends from 700mm to 1250mm 

The swivelling head has no sharp corners 

Microfiber is one of the few products which can be used on black cars and poly carbonate windows. 

On caravans, motorhomes, 5th wheelers etc. it can be used inside to wipe out the shower area then with the head still moist it can be used to wipe over the floor to pick up the grit and dust on a daily basis. 

Outside the moppet can be used to dry the underside of the awning and can also be used to wash every other part of the vehicle. 

It is light and compact for easy storage. 

Spare microfiber moppet covers are available separately. 

A very popular travellers friend

SKU: CN8111